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Website Creation in Studio 101

An Internet website is an indispensable component of any business.

Trying to find a particular product or service, people are increasingly turning to the global network.

You should create a website if you:

  • sell a product or service;
  • want to raise the prestige of your company or firm;
  • dream to tell the world about yourself.

Website creation prices

Service name Price
Company’s corporate website min. 200,000 руб.
Online store min. 200,000 руб.

Development direction

A selling website

It must be convenient for customers, have attractive styling, inspire confidence. An important aspect is the ability to self-edit the content, make changes in the qualitative and quantitative content of the resource.

A corporate website

It should look expensive, cause pride in your employees, envy of your competitors, confidence of your partners and investors.

A personal website

When creating a personal website, originality of performance, easiness to add video, audio and text files, well-organized feedback is primarily valued.

When taking order to create a website, we always take into account individual desires of each client.

Flexibility and high professionalism allow us to build a relationship with the customer in a transparent and confidential manner. We will constantly keep you informed of the work on your website. You may not be afraid of «hidden pitfalls» and additional costs, we never exceed a budget without the consent of the customer, and preliminary discussion with him. You will get exactly what you ordered, and within the specified time-limits..

A website created by us
will make you more successful.

The work on the project is broken down into individual stages, and the result of each stage is shown to the customer, approved by him and honed to perfection.

Please feel free to contact us with any budget. We will sign a contract and explain you in detail what website you will get for this sum. The benefit is that you only pay for what you get. Each stage can be separately paid for after its completion.

Website development stages

1 Styling

It includes layout preparation, first, in the form of a block diagram, and after the customer’s approval, it is performed as a silhouette in selected colors. First, the main page of a website is prepared, the rest follow it.

As a result, the customer gets approved PSD sources in website styling.

2 Layout

At the layout stage, specialists check cross-browser compatibility of your new website and its validity. A pure code is used during the layout.

As a result, the customer gets layout files made in website styling.

3 Programming

At this stage, programmers install a CMS website, bind it to the layout, test, adjust and check a website.

As a result, the customer gets an «alive» working website ready for stuffing.

4 Website content

Stuffing options can be different: the customer himself provides texts and illustrations which we place in appropriate places, the customer can order the texts by our copywriter or choose automatic stuffing using special software parsers that are separately created, depending on the application task.

As a result, the customer gets a successful website and pleasant cooperation experience.

The correct choice of website CMS
is the basis of its stability.

Functionalities and design features of a website primarily depend on the selected CMS. We do not limit our customers and offer website creation based on a variety of different control systems.

However, as official partners, we recommend CMS 1C-Btrix to our customers. On the basis of this control system, corporate websites, social networks, business portals, information and reference resources can be created.

CMS 1C-Btrix is quite popular due to its versatility and is awarded with a number of prestigious prizes. Thus, in 2006 and 2008, 1S-Btriks System: Website Management was awarded the Runet prizes, and 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal got to the top according to PC Magazine / RE in 2008.

1C-Bitrix Company’s motto is «Fast. Simple. Effective.» All products meet this slogan to the maximum extent and allow minimize website maintenance costs after its creation. Even an ordinary employee will be able to manage the resource based on CMS 1S-Btriks, make changes to it with no special knowledge of HTML-layout and programming.

Studio 101 is a business partner of 1C-Btrix
Студия 101» - бизнес партнер 1С-Битрикс