Graphic Styling

Graphic Styling is one of the most common types of printing art. Its uniqueness lies in the opportunity to present any concept, brand, product or service in the form of graphic elements, easy and convenient to understand.

Nowadays, no promotion or marketing campaign is complete without graphic styling. In fact, it is an art design that uses visualization and is intended to improve communication qualities of the final product under current conditions.

What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the unity of images in the optimal, easily digestible ratio which allows intuitively associate a product (service) and the company by external features. This is a unique (not repeated elsewhere) and universal (suitable for use in any media) set of visual components that can be perceived by a human.

Availability of a professionally designed corporate identity significantly increases awareness, reputation and credibility of the company and will inevitably lead to increase in sales. As a consequence, creation of the logo and other elements requires a serious, qualified approach. Only such an approach will allow avoid problems with the reputation associated with limited abilities of standard custom programs.

A corporate identity obviously promotes awareness of the company, improves perception of products and makes them stand out among similar products of competitors. It is individuality absolutized on the basis of graphics, plastics of forms, competent color rendering and other components the main purpose of which is to create a psychological goodwill of consumers to your company.

What is included in the corporate style?

Letter headed paper

A letter headed paper is a sheet of paper with pre-plotted data and indication of the brand. This sheet of paper usually contains basic information and the company’s features, namely, address details and the logo.


A pattern in the corporate style is a unique decorative set of graphic elements and color locations. Due to an individual combination, one can express belonging to a particular brand in the form of a specific texture.

Brand book

Generally, a brand book is a collection of samples, illustrations and other elements of the created corporate identity, a kind of alphabet of styling. It contains information of fonts, colors and other components.

Styling is more than just ordering and arrangement of visual material. Styling is introduction of values and meanings, enlightenment, simplification, clarification, transformation, refinement, exaggeration, persuasion, and maybe even fun. Styling turns prose into poetry. Styling expands our perception, multiplies our experience and sharpens our «vision.» Styling is the fruit of sense and reason, a product of an idea which arose in the designer’s mind and which (as the designer hopes) will be passed to a viewer and work out in his mind. Styling, as we will see, is also a tool for creating misconceptions. False styling is often more persuasive and effective than truthful styling. Seduction and temptation are among its numerous guises. Paul Rand

Ordering a corporate identity: logo selection

A logo is one of the foundations of a corporate identity. This is an unique outline of a complete, concise or abbreviated name of the company in the form of an image. The main objective of this mark is to make the company’s products and accessories memorable to potential consumers.

ХA good logo will both look in like manner and transfer information about the company on all types of media — office stationery, booklets, calendars, billboards, letterheads, etc. Therefore, creation of logos is a complex process where several lines intersect: graphics, styling, and psychology.

The main features inherent in a professionally made logo:

  • original (unique) styling;
  • ease of perception by a consumer, the customer, and an independent observer;
  • compliance with the general principles of marketing promotion in the market;
  • clarity of execution.

To take into account all these factors, it is necessary to follow certain rules. In particular, a corporate identity order is performed in a specific pattern:

  • To begin with, the client’s wishes regarding colors, shapes, and availability of graphic and other elements in the logo are determined.
  • Then several options of the logo are made and presented to the customer.
  • After a general concept is selected, the preferred option is finalized.
  • Original files with the unique logo are given to the customer.

It should be noted that every stage is colossal labor of professionals that handle information regarding existing brands and studying the overall marketing strategy of the company to create a harmonious image of the final product which is, of course, can not be cheap. As a result, the customer gets a recognizable, attractive logo which is sure to be popular in the future, the logo which is able to independently promote the products or services offered in the long term.

Make order

Prices for graphic design items

Name Price
Logo 50 000 руб.
Letter headed paper 10 000 руб.
Business card (double-sided)) 10 000 руб.
(12 000 руб.)
Pen 10 000 руб.
Key holder 10 000 руб.
Notebook 10 000 руб.
Motor vehicle image layout 30 000 руб.
Brandbook, including the rules of use of the logo and corporate identity. 120 000 руб.