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Mobile Application Development

Every year more and more Internet users are moving from desktop computers to mobile devices. This fact is explained simply enough: a smart phone or tablet is always close at hand, while a personal computer can only be used in the office or at home. In addition, rapid development of mobile devices has made their technical characteristics comparable with the characteristics of a PC, and convenience and compact sizes allow roaming the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world where cellular transmission is available.

Like desktop computers, smart phones and tablet PCs use software in the form of special applications. Applications are the best way to get the required information to potential clients and customers. They are distributed through official online stores and available to tens of millions of users worldwide.

Application development features

There are two main options for application development. To create them, one can use the library of ready-made framework solutions which allow standardize the software or use an authoring with individual addressing emerging issues in the manufacturer’s language. Naturally, in the second case, an application development price may be higher.

The cost of work also depends on its difficulty, application functionality and the requirement to adapt it to different mobile software platforms.

We also consider compliance of productivity and viability of programs for users and offer not just to create an application with a standard set of features, but also expand it by making it as comfortable as possible. For example, an application for a fitness club can be updated with a collection of exercises and a training schedule, an application for a restaurant — with cooking recipes, and an application of a retail chain of stores — with a list of products for purchase planning.

Popular mobile platforms

After an application is created, it can be placed in stores of popular mobile platforms in both fee-based and charge-free versions. In this case, it will uniquely appear in the «What’s New» section and attract users.

Currently, there are several major mobile operating systems, the main ones among them are:

  • Android

  • iOS Apple

  • Windows Phone

AAndroid has been recognized as the most popular operating system and belongs Google, the world’s largest company. This software is sold through PlayMarket. The main advantages of the operating system are flexibility, high performance, the ability to solve numerous problems and an open source for developers.

iOS runs only on Apple products. This operating environment provides virtually bottomless folders to install applications and the ability to backup data to transfer it to a new device. Its source is closed, and its applications are delivered through AppStore.

Windows Phone is the youngest operating system, its software is offered through Windows Phone Store. Its developer is Microsoft, the world’s known company. Currently, this software platform has more than 300 thousands of official mobile applications.

No matter what operating system you choose, our professionals will create an optimum quick operating application. We use every opportunity to improve its convenience and subsequent popularization. You will receive a high-level software product at an affordable price.